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New or old, if it has an Apple logo we will repair it. With our Apple certified engineers you can count on us to get your trusty devices back up and running. We can help with:
  • iPhone Cracked Screen
  • iPhone Failing Battery
  • iPhone Small Components
  • Water Damage
  • iPad Cracked Screen
  • iPad Failing Battery
  • iPad Small Components
  • Mac Water Damage
  • Mac Cracked Screen
  • Mac Failing Battery
And many more! All of our repairs come with MINIMUM 3 Months Warranty for your peace of mind.
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Slow Mac? Out of space? Thinking of buying a new device? You might not need to! We can professionally upgrade your old Apple device to make it faster than it’s ever been. So why waste money on a new device? We can:
  • Increase Memmory
  • Replace regular HDD with SSD
  • Increase Storage Capacity
  • Increase Battery Life
  • Upgrade Processor
  • Upgrade Graphic Cards
And many more! Get in touch and find out what can we do!
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Some problems have to be resolved at the customer’s premises. Our professional team can mobilise anywhere within South Yorkshire area for most repairs and even bespoke training.

We also support small to medium size business in offering on site repairs and a managed service plan with priority repairs and discounts across the board for all repair and upgrades.
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The key to a fast repair is a correct diagnostic! Give us a call! We will happily discuss your options and give you a rough estimate on any repair.

Best think is that unlike most shops, we do not charge a diagnostic fee for doing so! We do not believe one should pay a fee in order to find out what is wrong with your device!

If your device has been:
  • Water Damaged
  • Dropped
  • Had An improper Repair
Or simply just won't turn on anymore. Get in touch. It's FREE to have it checked by our experts.